Stuff-A-Burger Press

Stuffed burgers can certainly be delicious — but if you've ever tried making them, you probably know they can be a little difficult to build. The Stuff-A-Burger Press ($12) makes it easy. This plastic burger press comes with plates that help you create half-pound or three-quarter-pound stuffed burgers with ease. Of course, you still need a way to keep them together once they hit the grill — so if you don't already have a grilling basket, you might want to order the complete set ($24) that includes both the press and the basket, giving you everything you need to become the neighborhood's burger champ.

  • Hasty-Bake Legacy Grill

    Is it a grill? A smoker? Actually, it's a little of both. The adorably plain Hasty-Bake Legacy Grill ($1,000) offers direct and indirect heat grilling, a charcoal oven, and a smoker in a powder-coated cold-rolled steel box. A ventless hood traps smoke and heat, a heat deflector feature forces natural convection cooking, and an adjustable lift makes it simple to control the heat level and cooking method. When it's time to start the fire, just remove the firebox to get it going, and open the access door to add wood or charcoal as needed. Just think of it as a one-stop shop for all your summertime cooking needs.

  • Grill Comb

    Nope, it's not some newfangled gadget for grooming the crust of past meals off your grates. Instead, the Grill Comb ($11/2-pack) is a multi-pronged grilling tool designed to replace the traditional skewer by giving you direct access to every morsel of grilled goodness, without the need to trist, pull, or otherwise mutilate your food trying to get it off the spear. Made from food-grade stainless steel, it's also reusable, dishwasher safe, and at a foot long, can handle plenty of food.

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