Subaru BRZ STI Concept

Sure, it's still a work in progress, but we'd be more than happy to hop behind the wheel of the Subaru BRZ STI Concept ($TBA) as-is. Developed in collaboration with Toyota, the BRZ STi is a rear-wheel drive sports car, powered by a 2.0L Boxer four-cylinder engine and sporting a carbon fiber roof for reduced weight and a lower center of gravity, as well as a STi-designed lower front grille, hawk eye headlights, and fin-shaped fog lamps. Hit up the 2011 Los Angeles International Auto Show this weekend if you'd like to see it before it retreats back into the development labs, (possibly) never to be seen again.

  • Volkswagen Buggy Up Concept

    VW has a knack for making fun cars, and the Volkswagen Buggy Up Concept ($TBA) is no exception. Based on the company's new Up! city car and inspired by the Beetle-based beach buggies of the '60s, the Buggy Up features a reinforced underbody, a roof-less and door-less exterior, neoprene-covered seats, a completely waterproof interior, and an iPod-powered infotainment system that pulls out to serve as a portable sound system. Sadly, there's no word yet on a production model, but you can put us down for one if/when it ever appears.

  • Mercedes-Benz F125 Concept

    When you've been in business for 125 years — and spent many of them making arguably the world's finest production vehicles — you're allowed to "dream big" sometimes. Which helps to explain the Mercedes-Benz F125 Concept ($TBA). The F125 might just offer a glimpse of our motoring future, with its hybrid electric/hydrogen propulsion, e4MATIC all-wheel-drive, touch, speech, and gesture controls for the car's various functions, which you'll monitor on the 3D and projector-beam displays, fully-realized Internet integration, and enormous but lightweight gullwing doors that offer access to both the front and rear passenger compartments. Let's just hope it doesn't take another 125 years for something like this to hit the road.

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