Sword Canes

Sword Canes

If you want to be a real villain, you're going to need a few things — like a cold heart, and a love for crime. Oh, and one of these Sword Canes ($450-$1,450). Available in a variety of styles, these classic canes hide a deadly sharp blade inside, making it all the more surprising when you go from meek and hobbled to slashing apart your foe's prized 18th century armchair. Isn't crime fun?

  • More/Real Stylus Caps

    You know the problem with most touchscreen styluses? They don't feel like real writing instruments. More/Real Stylus Caps ($20) aim to solve that problem. Crafted from stainless steel, these custom caps are made to fit perfectly onto the tip of the Sharpie, Bic, or Pilot Fineliner you already have around the office, serving as a stylus for tablet use and a cap for the pen, meaning you'll have one less thing to throw into your man bag alongside your iPad.

  • PowerTrekk

    Have a need for off-the-grid power? The PowerTrekk ($TBA) can supply it. This 2-in-1 portable battery pack and fuel cell can operate on its own as a simple battery, or can serve as a storage buffer for the fuel cell. Simply insert a fuel pack, add water, and the cell will spring to life, charging devices over USB without ever needing a wall charge. Great for camping, hiking, or getting through an extended power outage due to weather/zombie outbreak.

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