Systm iPhone Cases

Hardcore waterproof protection is necessary for some, but most iPhone users just want a case that will keep their glass baby from shattering when it takes an inevitable tumble. Systm iPhone Cases ($25-$50) can handle the latter situation with aplomb, using raised side bumpers, reinforced corners, and, in the more advanced models, Poron XRD foam to protect your device from damage. Oh, and they seem to have a thing for orange. No problems there.

  • Paparazzo iPhone Light

    There no doubt that the iPhone can be an amazing photographic tool. What's not so amazing? The built-in flash. The Paparazzo iPhone Light ($50) is designed to give your photos a boost by replacing it with a 300 lumen LED light that connects to your iPhone's dock connector, adding a dedicated shutter button and handy grip in the process. Want to shoot video instead of a still? Simply flip the switch to video mode, hit the trigger, and watch as your previously grainy scene becomes something that's actually worth looking at.

  • Mophie Outride

    Thinking about picking up a GoPro? Already have an iPhone? Then do yourself a favor and pick up a Mophie Outride ($130-$150). This ruggedized, waterproof mount for the iPhone 4/4S keeps your phone protected inside a polycarbonate housing, while a wide angle lens ensures you get the whole picture, and a modular mounting system ensures you'll be able to use it no matter what sport you're in to.

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