Techniques for Making Signature Hot Sauces

Whether you're ready to step your kitchen game up a notch and add in a spicy kick, or you've just always wanted to explore the spicier side of the culinary world, it might be time to start making your own hot sauces. And with Hot Sauce!: Techniques for Making Signature Hot Sauces, with 32 Recipes to Get You Started ($10), that's exactly what you can do. With everything you never knew you wanted to know about hot sauce, ranging from history, to types of hot sauce, to an exploration of ingredients — as well as a number of recipes for making hot sauces and cooking with hot sauces — you'll be a spice expert by the time you put this book down.

  • American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye

    If one of the things you want to be more knowledgeable about just happens to be America's favorite spirit, then American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye ($15) is a book you need to seek out. It's a handy hardcover book featuring a basic introduction to Whiskey, Bourbon and Rye made in the USA and has over 200 whiskey reviews as well, so you know what is worth tracking down. In addition to a bottle of bourbon this year, we know what we are asking for in our stocking.

  • National Geographic: Around The World In 125 Years

    For those not lucky enough to have seen every corner of the globe first-hand, National Geographic Magazine has been our window to the world through its incredible photographs covering every locale from Timbuktu to Tuvalu. And now many of the greatest photos from over a century of reporting have been reproduced in the form of National Geographic: Around The World In 125 Years ($500). This three-volume, nearly-1,500 page photographic anthology contains photos ranging from their earliest work in black-and-white autochrome to their most recent digital photography, spanning each continent. Each photo creates a portrait of life, culture, wildlife, and scenery documenting every facet of our planet, in a way only National Geographic photographers can.

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