Texas Brand Coffee

Harvested from small farms in Chiapas, Mexico, Texas Brand Coffee is made in limited quantities and arrives in these standout pewter labeled, French-made aluminum bottles. The coffee beans themselves are roasted, ground, and bottled by Big Bend Roasters in Marfa, Texas and sold exclusively for No. 4 St. James. Each bottle holds 1/2 pound of coffee which is enough to make about sixteen cups of java.

  • Bizzy Coffee Shots

    Most of us rely on caffeine to kick start our day. But knowing how much to consume, and being able to combine it with ingredients that aren't terrible for you is tricky. Bizzy Coffee Shots helps solve these problems with their small but powerful bottles of liquid energy. Each one contains high-quality Arabica coffee from Central and South America along with water, and that's it. So no additives, sweeteners, or preservatives. Using a unique cold-brewing process, each Bizzy Shot contains 130-150mg of caffeine, which is equal to about two shots of espresso. Easy to pocket and bring anywhere, these zero calorie shots come in caramel, vanilla, or black coffee flavors.

  • Kuju Pocket Pourover Coffee

    Experience the quality of a coffee shop pourover anywhere you can find hot water and a cup with Kuju Pocket Pourover Coffee. These highly portable pouches are filled with 100% Direct Trade coffee and contain a brewing filter that attaches securely to most any cup. Just pour hot water over the grounds, wait a few minutes, and enjoy. Available in three roasts — dark, medium, and light — and sold by the ten-pack.

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