Texas Quail Rigs

Apparently in Texas they take their quail hunting pretty seriously — okay, make that very seriously — so seriously that they outfit trucks, jeeps, quads, even vintage sedans with everything you could possibly need for the hunt. Texas Quail Rigs profiles this unique intersection of car and hunting culture with beautiful photographs of more than 120 quail rigs, lending insight into this odd way of life. And while quail hunting is diminishing in Texas as game and participants dwindle, this book serves as a record preserving the extreme lengths hunters go to just to get the bird. So whether you're a hunter yourself, or just an avid admirer of automotive subcultures, you're going to want this book on your coffee table.

  • Shake

    People have been mixing cocktails for generations — and while there are many tried-and-true staples, there's no reason not to shake things up a bit. It's with that spirit in mind that the makers of the Mason Shaker bring you Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails. Broken into several sections, the first covers an introduction to mixing cocktails, from key techniques, to selecting the right liquors, to choosing seasonal ingredients. The second section delves into actual cocktail recipes, broken up by each season and focusing on market-fresh herbs, mixers, and more. The final section covers the social aspect of mixing cocktails, detailing a range of ideas for gatherings that span the country.

  • The Secrets of Building an Alcohol Producing Still

    So. You need booze but lost your job. You've grown tired of infusing store-bought liquor. Your job as a drug runner just isn't dangerous enough. Whatever the case, The Secrets of Building an Alcohol Producing Still will have you up and running 'shine in no time. Technically, the book is written for people looking to brew up their own alcohol fuel — very high proof stuff that can used in a variety of internal combustion engines, providing you with a fuel source should society go south. But where's the fun in that?

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