The 4-Hour Body

The 4-Hour Body

If you can cram an entire workweek into four hours, why not a workout? The 4-Hour Body ($15) is the latest gem of insight from minimalist maximus Timothy Ferris, offering to teach you how to prevent fat gain when bingeing, produce 15-minute female orgasms, increase fat loss 300% using a few bags of ice, reverse "permanent" injuries, and all sorts of other crazy-but-true hacks that will have you rethinking your gym rat routine.

  • Beer

    Normally a large collection of beer cans in your man cave means you had a right rowdy night the evening before — unless you've got a copy of Beer ($14) sitting on your coffee table. This picture-filled paperback takes you on a visual tour of a collection of cans so vast and varied that it would take more money, time, and liver capacity than you've got to assemble it yourself.

  • Decoded

    A few years back, Jay-Z sat down and co-wrote his autobiography. But he didn't release it. That means Decoded ($19) is about as close as you're going to get. This annotated lyric book finds Shawn Carter highlighting the poetry of his rhymes while explaining the meanings behind them, and in the process allowing just a little bit of his story to leak out. Plus, the cover features a Rorschach print by Andy Warhol, which makes it a coffee table all-star.

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