The American Cocktail

The American Cocktail

If a trip across the country isn't in your near future, why not do the next best thing and virtually drink your way from coast to coast? Written by the editors of Imbibe Magazine, The American Cocktail ($14) will let you do just that by offering up 50 recipes from top bartenders across the U.S., each focused on regionally produced spirits, sodas, fruits and herbs, but simple enough to make that you can sub in your own local favorites when necessary. After all, what else do you have to do this winter?

  • Beard

    Thinking of growing out your facial hair this fall? You can find plenty of inspiration in the pages of Beard ($9). Filled with stark, straight-on shots of the world's most impressive whiskers — captured at the World Beard and Moustache Championships — it's sure to give you some ideas beyond your trademark five o'clock shadow.

  • Felon Fitness

    In all honesty, we could probably just print the tagline for Felon Fitness ($11) — "How to Get a Hard Body Without Doing Hard Time" — and leave it at that, but since we are talking about prison, and the word "hard" appears twice in that statement, we figured some clarification was in order. This 224-page guide to getting buff focuses on exercises and techniques used by real-life inmates, all designed to leave you looking like you've been to jail and back — without the random scars and poor-quality tattoos, of course.

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