The Bearded Gentleman

The Bearded Gentleman

Whether you're already sporting Grizzly Adams-worthy facial hair or just considering growing a 'stache of your own, you can benefit from the wisdom to be found in The Bearded Gentleman: The Style Guide to Shaving Face ($10). This lighthearted 144-page guide offers history, cultural, and maintenance info on fifty facial hair styles, from the Fu Manchu to the French Fork. Listen well and heed their device, or run the risk of looking like this guy.

  • Lawnscapes

    You don't need to pour money into professional landscapers, exotic plants, and marble lawn gnomes to make your yard look tacky great: all you really need is a lawnmower. At least, that's what Lawnscapes ($10) will tell you. By following the 20 different cutting patterns and other tips found within this Astroturf-covered, 80-page primer, you can mow yourself a perfect yard — provided you haven't neglected your way to a Tatooine-like dirt mound, of course.

  • Mint Condition

    Like many of our readers, the Uncrate staff at one point had an insatiable thirst for card collecting, snatching up rookie cards of our favorite — or the most valuable — players while continuing to buy pack after pack like a chain smoker on an endless bender. Mint Condition ($17) takes a look at the history of the baseball card industry, from their early inclusion in cigarette packs to the holographic, thick-stocked special cards of today and beyond. A must-read for anyone who used to be able to tell between a Topps, Fleer, and Upper Deck card of the same player from across the room.

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