The Cave Tent

A tent is only as good as its frame, and unfortunately that means most solid structures also require a lengthy setup process — but not so with The Cave Tent ($670). Built around an Inflatable Diamond Grid airframe made up of five modular, double-layer air beams that inflate in less than a minute, the Cave offers incredible durability, and also features an outer tent of waterproof polyester, and inner tent made from light, breathable water-resistant nylon, a non-see-through mosquito net, a robust ground sheet made from waterproof polyester, multiple sown-in bags for gear, and enough room for 2-3 humans inside. [Scouted by Steve]

  • Black Diamond Magnetron Carabiner

    Tired of messing with twistlocks, screwlocks, or, worse yet, no-lock carabiners? The Black Diamond Magnetron Carabiner ($30) will soon be here to give you smooth, one-handed locking and unlocking action. This innovative design employs magnetic attraction to a steel insert inside the carabiner nose to keep two independent arms locked in place, each of which must be individually depressed before the gate can be opened — and once it is, opposing fields repel the arms to ensure reliable operation.

  • Kammok

    Kick back hammock-style nearly anywhere with the Kammok ($85). Made from diamond rip-stop nylon, the Kammok can comfortably sleep one — which of course means two — and uses a new, versatile suspension system dubbed the Python Straps, all of which packs into a water resistant compression sack that weighs about a pound fully loaded, making it the perfect above-ground shelter for your next camping/boozing adventure.

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