The Cult of iPod

The Cult of iPod

If you would rather give up your car or girlfriend rather than your beloved iPod, then The Cult of iPod ($17) by Leander Kahney is right up your alley. The follow up to his terrific The Cult of Mac, the book looks at how the iPod came to be, current crazy iPod culture, and how exactly the iPod has turned into our new god.

  • The Big Book O' Beer

    We love beer, and we’re guessing most of you probably enjoy a cup of suds every once in a while, so it only makes sense to showcase a book all about the beverage which we love. The Big Book o' Beer: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Greatest Beverage on Earth ($14) is a world-wide celebration of all things beer related — from scientific facts to beer recipes to geography. Plenty of pictures pay homage to the world’s beer culture, and you aren’t a real man unless you have an “Atlas of Beer” somewhere in your home.

  • The Complete New Yorker

    While your local library may have some back copies of the New Yorker, we're betting they don't have all 4,109 issues. The Compete New Yorker ($63) archives every single page published from 1925 to February 14, 2005 by one of the nation's most influential publications, all on eight DVD-ROMs. Now if we could just get Hef to release a "The Complete Playboy" set... [via BookofJoe]

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