The Dog Dialed 911: Lists from The Smoking Gun

The Dog Dialed 911: Lists from The Smoking Gun

In the (nearly) ten years The Smoking Gun has been in operation, its investigative reporting has blown several scandals wide open, always in a fashion that entertains as well as informs. The Dog Dialed 911: A Book of Lists from The Smoking Gun ($11) features excerpts from their well-known reporting, including public documents dealing with some of the most important, bizarre, and downright scandalous news stories of the last decade. Organized into lists, the book features such insights as seven things not to say to a cop, five dumb things to steal, and some of Bill O'Reilly's favorite pick-up lines.

  • Prank University

    There's nothing quite as satisfying as pulling off a good prank — and while this book may be aimed at the college crowd, we're sure there's more than enough pranks in here to make the book worthwhile to the graduated crowd as well. Prank University ($11) features 100 terrific pranks that are sure to liven up the dorm or workplace. Such classics as the doorbell drench are mixed with newer pranks, like the wasabi paste, and all the pranks are organized with a system to quickly identify the difficulty, number of accomplices needed, and possible costs. Go forth, and wreak havoc.

  • The Worst Person in the World by Keith Olbermann

    If you don't already watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann every weeknight on MSNBC, then go add it as a TiVo Season Pass right now. Go on, we'll wait. Ok, back? Countdown is the best news program currently on TV, bringing you the top stories, most interesting stories, and off-beat stories in a quick and straightforward way. Each night Olbermann also has an award for "The Worst Person in the World" for folks that are giving humans a bad name. His new book, The Worst Person in the World and 202 Strong Contenders ($14) is a hilarious and sometimes angering collection of such people. Of course, assclowns like Bill O'Reilly get special attention.

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