The End of History Beer

The End of History Beer

And what a fitting name it is. The End of History Beer ($650-$900) is an ultra-limited — as in, it might already be sold out — 55% alcohol blond Belgian ale, brewed using crazy freezing techniques, and featuring hints of juniper berries, mead, and nettles. Of course, being the world's strongest and most expensive beer wasn't enough for these restless brewmasters, so they took things one step further, and packaged the beer inside taxidermied roadkill, creating the end game of premium beer. Seriously, just look at it.

  • Dale's Pale Ale

    As you can tell from the above shot of the Uncrate recycling bin, we love us some Dale's Pale Ale ($9/6-pack). Canned to keep light from interfering with its balanced but punchy flavor, this "voluminously hopped mutha of a pale ale" offers up plenty of malts and hops throughout, and is strong in another way — at 6.5% alcohol by volume, you'd better respect the Dale's lest you wake up in an hourly-rate motel with a suspicious looking fellow named "Sam."

  • Cheerwine

    When we hear of something being cooked up by "the folks in North Carolina," soda isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Nevertheless, Cheerwine ($30/case) is a unique, cherry-flavored soda made with real cane sugar in the hills of NC since 1917. Tastes great, and is a lot less likely to get you arrested than that other drink we're drinking right now thinking about.

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