The General Lee

Sad because your holiday gifts were decidedly sub-par? Cheer yourself up by grabbing up a piece of television history. The General Lee ($TBA; auction) is the exact same car used to jump a police cruiser in the first episode. Unfortunately, it sat in a junkyard for years after its maiden — and only — voyage, until it was found, rescued, and painstakingly restored to its former hell raisin' glory. [Insert audio of "Dixie" here].

  • Caterham Superlight R500

    Sometimes luxury is superfluous when all you want is speed — and for times like those, the Caterham Superlight R500 (£42,000, roughly $67,000) is the car to have. Packing a ridiculous 263 hp — courtesy of a 2L Caterham Ford Duratec — into a svelte 1,100 lb. package, the R500 screams "race car," with an open cockpit, six-speed gearbox, carbon dash, nose, front, and rear cycle wings, carbon kevlar seats, four-point harnesses, 13-inch black cast aluminum wheels, a Momo steering wheel, and ventilated disc brakes, all of which combine to trim weight, resulting in a 0-60 time of just 2.88 seconds and a top speed of 150 mph. [Scouted by Jaskaran]

  • Wiesmann GT MF5 Roadster

    Mixing a powerful engine and race-ready components with timeless design, the Wiesmann GT MF5 Roadster ($TBA) is a unique drop-top that's sure to turn heads no matter where you drive it. Built atop an Aluminum monocoque chassis, the MF5 features a fiberglass body shell, front- and rear-double wishbone suspension, a mid-mounted TwinScroll Twin Turbo V8 cranking out 555 hp, a 0-62 mph time of just 3.9 seconds and a 19-inch rear wheels that power it to a top speed of 193 mph.

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