The Golden Age of Advertising - the 60s

The Golden Age of Advertising - the 60s

The 1960s were a very creative time to say the least. This hardcover collection of print ads chronicles the best of what made Americans buy, buy, buy during the crazy decade. In The Golden Age of Advertising - the 60s ($13), you'll find ads for products like cars, alcohol, cigarettes, food, and clothing — including Hollywood stars hocking all kinds of crap, and some really kick-ass futuristic Motorola ads. Plus, how could you not buy a book with a cover girl like that?

  • JPG Magazine

    Most photography magazines are intimidating. We desperately want to pick one up at Barnes & Noble and immediately enjoy it, but it never works out that way. There's always something too elitist about them. That's why were extremely happy to find JPG Magazine ($20). It's a photography magazine for the average guy. Sized like a book more than a mag, the quarterly features interpretations of a themed word and usually some shots by a pro. And anybody can submit a photo for consideration in the mag, so get snapping.

  • PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives

    Based on the popular blog in which random people send in postcards with their deepest secrets scrawled on them, the hardcover PostSecret book ($17) is quite possibly the hippest coffee table book you can buy. The secrets and artwork on the postcards range from hilarious to downright morbid. The book collects the most popular secrets from the website and several that have never been seen before.

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