The Hot Sauce Cookbook

Be sure to read that carefully. The Hot Sauce Cookbook: Turn Up the Heat with 60+ Pepper Sauce Recipes ($13) isn't a book filled with ways to enhance your sandwiches and salads with Sriracha and spice. Instead, it offers up a number of recipes for making your own sauces and salsas, including sauces with flavors from around the world, homemade versions of classics like Frank's RedHot, Texas Pete, and even the aforementioned rooster sauce. Don't be too dejected about the sauce-heavy focus — the book also contains over fifty recipes for actual food dishes that are anything but bland.

  • Logobook

    Remember the Academy Award-winning animated short Logorama? If you do, you probably know that there was an astounding number of corporate and product logos in the 16-minute film, and those obviously took a lot of research to piece together. Logobook ($35) is the result. Penned by the film's co-director Ludovic Houplain, this massive, 800-page tome features over 7,000 of the logos, organized alphabetically, and accompanied by info about the designers, year of creation, and what country they came from, as well as info on the brand and company. Add in an essay on brand culture and an introduction explaining the creation of the film, and you've got a must-have for any brand/identity/design geek.

  • Smoke: New Firewood Cooking

    You can grill. You might even own a smoker. But you haven't explored all the culinary techniques this time-honored cook method provides until you've read Smoke: New Firewood Cooking ($25). Penned by award-winning chef Tim Byres, this 250-page tome offers up information on smoking on the stovetop, making relishes and salads with smoked peppers and vegetables, grilling with rood planks, using smoke-cured meats in different dishes, and even building your own firepit, smokehouse, and/or spit roast — just in time for summer.

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