The Impossible Cool Print Collection

Try as you might, odds are you won't ever be as cool as the folks immortalized in the virtual pages of The Impossible Cool — but at least you can gain some inspiration by hanging them on your walls. The Impossible Cool Print Collection ($110 and up) features ten undeniably cool images of some undeniably cool people — from Connery and Caine to Monroe and McQueen — limited to just 50 pieces each and available in one of three sizes and in your choice of black or white frame.

  • Replaceface Prints

    Pay homage to some of your favorite dudes in a totally historical way with Replaceface Prints ($12-$150). These clever works of art put the faces of some of modernity's most recognizable guys — Bill Murray, Steve Jobs, Chuck Norris, Ricky Gervais, and David Bowie among them — into historical paintings of various generals and conquerors. We've linked to the art prints, which vary in size from roughly 8" x 9" to 28" x 32", but they also offer them framed, as stretched canvases, as stationery cards, as throw pillows, and as cases and skins for the iPhone and iPod touch.

  • Stellavie Stellar Map Prints

    Sure, there are apps you can download that will show you what stars are in the sky, but like photos, sometimes you just can't beat paper. Stellavie Stellar Map Prints (€70; roughly $95) are 50cm x 70cm prints — or about 20" by 27.5" — that show the constellations and stars seen in either the northern or southern skies. Hand-printed with custom-mixed inks, hand-numbered and -signed, and available in four colorways — gold on white, silver on black, gold on black, or white on blue — they make a great addition to any room that also plays host to a telescope.

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