The Insect Cookbook

It's been estimated that there are at least one 10 quintillion individual insects alive at any given moment — making them a pretty obvious source of food given the ever-dwindling natural resources in our world — assuming you can get over that fact that you're eating, well, bugs. The The Insect Cookbook embraces the idea of bugs as food, looking at them as a sustainable source of protein for years to come. Starting off with interesting perspectives from insect-eating advocates the world over, the book goes on to cover the healthiness of ingesting those little creepy crawlers. It then details a number of recipes for preparing bugs in ways you never thought possible, like risotto, ravioli, insect burgers, and more. So the next time you see some of these guys moving around your yard, you may just look at them a little differently.

  • Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia

    To gather a lifetime of outdoor knowledge, you can either spend your life outside, or simply soak in the knowledge offered up by the Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia: Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Boating, Wilderness Survival, First Aid. First published in 1972 and longtime outdoors writer Vin T. Sparano, this exhaustive tome is now in its fifth edition — recently updated with new sections on wilderness survival, ATVs, and boating — and offers over 600 pages of know-how, including over 1,300 photos and 1,000 illustrations. Just don't expect to actually take it into the woods with you — at nearly four pounds, you're going to want to leave this one at home.

  • Whisky: The Manual

    There are many different whiskys in the world to enjoy, and many ways to enjoy them. Many you may not have thought of before. After reading Whisky: The Manual, there might still be some you don't know about — but definitely less than before. Written by whisky expert Dave Bloom, this must-have tome covers what to drink — from rare single malts to tasty blends — as well as how to drink them, from pouring them straight to mixing them with water, mixers, and into cocktails.

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