The Last Drop Whisky

The Last Drop Whisky

Whether you're contemplating your last meal or simply looking for a truly exciting new whisky, The Last Drop Whisky ($2,000/bottle) should be on your list. Created by three liquor industry legends, the Last Drop is made from a variety whiskies, the youngest of which was distilled in 1960. Once all had hit the age of 12 years, they were blended and put into new sherry casks, inside which they spent the last 36 years, becoming more interesting and flavorful as the years went by. With only 1347 bottles available, you'd better make your move now to pick up this bottled history.

  • Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Whiskey

    While typical Jack Daniel’s is a mixture of countless barrels to keep consistent flavor, the master distiller goes around and hand picks barrels that are above and beyond the average, and they become Jack Daniel's Single Barrel ($86). Each bottle is individually numbered to reflect the barrel it came from, and each one has a slightly different taste, since they aren’t mixed. So grab a bottle, a fine cigar, and enjoy. If you really need a lot, you can also buy an entire barrel ($8400 - $9600), which comes in around 240 750ml bottles, and includes the original empty barrel and framed certificate of ownership.

  • The Macallan 18 Years Old

    Sometimes there's a reason that you see a liquor at every bar you visit. As it is with 18 Year Old Macallan. Voted best whisky in the world many times over, the 18 year vintage of The Macallan is consistently one of the most smooth drinking scotches in the world. Gold in color with a complex flavor that includes aromas of oak and sherry with hints of leather, licorice, and tobacco, it's a sure-fire hit when presented a list of confusingly-named craft cocktails.

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