The Mac & Cheese Cookbook

As anyone who's visited a food truck in recent times can attest, macaroni and cheese makes a great side to pretty much anything — and can come in a variety of permutations. The Mac & Cheese Cookbook is a testament to this, as it packs in 50 recipes from Homeroom, an Oakland restaurant that serves nothing but mac and cheese. From Sriracha Mac to a dessert version that tastes like peanut butter pie, it'll have you cooking up tasty treats in no time.

  • The Insect Cookbook

    It's been estimated that there are at least one 10 quintillion individual insects alive at any given moment — making them a pretty obvious source of food given the ever-dwindling natural resources in our world — assuming you can get over that fact that you're eating, well, bugs. The The Insect Cookbook embraces the idea of bugs as food, looking at them as a sustainable source of protein for years to come. Starting off with interesting perspectives from insect-eating advocates the world over, the book goes on to cover the healthiness of ingesting those little creepy crawlers. It then details a number of recipes for preparing bugs in ways you never thought possible, like risotto, ravioli, insect burgers, and more. So the next time you see some of these guys moving around your yard, you may just look at them a little differently.

  • Fictitious Dishes

    Literary characters can be pretty much anything the author wants, from murderous bastards to dragon-riding heroes. But almost universally, they all need to eat. Fictitious Dishes celebrates the meals of some of literature's best known tales, from the tea party in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to the Swiss cheese sandwich and malted milk from Catcher in the Rye, by photographing each and placing the images next to the text from which they came. Add in some food trivia and stories about the authors, and you've got great coffee table fodder for any serious reader.

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