The Monocle Guide to Better Living

In the unlikely case you find yourself responsible for planning a city, or, perhaps more plausibly, you decide it's time to up and move to a new place, or, even more likely, you're just looking to learn something new about food — The Monocle Guide to Better Living ($50) should be your go-to reference. Brought to you by the same people who write Monocole Magazine, this book is a guide to everything from diplomacy and design, to culture and travel. Broken down into sections on the city, culture, food, travel, and work, it provides in-depth essays on subjects as broad as the most livable cities in the world, to topics as narrow as how to build a good school, all accompanied by beautiful photography, design, and illustration.

  • Woodcut

    Whether you're an aspiring woodsman, the kind of guy who appreciates the simple beauty of nature in its rawest form, or you're just cultivating a lumberjack aesthetic in your apartment, Woodcut ($20) is the coffee table book for you. This book highlights the intricate, painstaking work of artist Bryan Nash Gill, featuring relief prints of cross sections of trees. With prints of a range of trees found near his Connecticut studio (including ash, maple, oak, spruce, and willow), it clearly displays age marks, cuts, scuffs, animal burrows, knots, and branches like no photograph ever could. Find also a detailed interview covering his process, from cutting the blocks with chainsaws, sanding, burning, and sealing, to the careful application of ink.

  • Guide To Urban Moonshining

    While it sounds like a DIYer's guide to at-home booze making — and you'll certainly find directions for just that within these pages — the The Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining: How to Make and Drink Whiskey ($16) is so much more. Split into several sections, this book first delves into the question of "what is whiskey?" followed by an in-depth history of the delicious brown stuff, and a detailed survey of all the options available. In the final two chapters, the book provides a guide for guys who want to safely distill whiskey at home, and then offers expert advice on how best to enjoy this intoxicating liquor in modern times.

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