The Monocle Guide to Good Business

Starting a business isn't as simple as having a great idea — you need to know how to follow through — taking a great idea through the steps to something that actually makes money. But not everyone with a great idea actually went to business school, and most business books are so dry and clichéd you could barely make your way through them. Fortunately, there's the The Monocle Guide to Good Business, a different sort of business book for the readers of The Monocle Guide to Better Living. With information on everything from where you should found an office, and success stories from those who have done it, to career guidance, and the importance of an office dog, it's written in a style that's more approachable than the standard business book, while still packed with great information.

  • Will It Waffle?

    Waffle irons are great for making waffles (obviously), but the rest of the time they just sit on your countertop taking up space. Put them to work full time with the ideas in Will It Waffle?. Penned by founder Daniel Shumski, this 200+ page tome features over 50 recipes that you can make in your formerly single-purpose kitchen gadget, including everything from super sandwiches to delicious desserts, all accompanied by great full-color photos.

  • The Knucklebook

    The select few pitchers in history who mastered the knuckleball were nearly unstoppable — and the batters who could actually hit it, remarkable — it's the toughest pitch in baseball, whether swinging or throwing. The Knucklebook: Everything You Need to Know About Baseball's Strangest Pitch – the Knuckleball is an exhaustive exploration of this bizarre pitch. Detailing the mechanics of the pitch, and the reasons a pitcher might want to use it, this book dives deep into the confounding knuckleball. Compiling in-depth diagrams on how to throw a knuckler, interviews, commentary, and more, there's no resource on the pitch that's more complete.

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