The Old-Fashioned

For such a simple drink, the old-fashioned sure can cause a fuss. The Old-Fashioned: The Story of the World's First Classic Cocktail, with Recipes and Lore is an ode to this magical mixture of whiskey, bitters, sugar, and ice, from its birth as the original cocktail in the 19th century to its rebirth in modern-day craft cocktail bars. Alongside the stories and excellent photography you'll also find over 40 recipes, including classic variations, regional varieties, and updated modern takes. A great read for any cocktail or whiskey lover.

  • Dust & Grooves

    Whether you choose to organize your record collection chronologically, alphabetically, or autobiographically, there's no denying your obsession with vinyl — you hunt, dig, and browse for that all-important LP, willing to do just about anything to add it to your collection. The writers of Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting understand that obsession all too well. This book details the fixation with vinyl of 130 collectors, and their collections, with gorgeous photographs, and in-depth interviews that shed light onto what makes them tick. With 250 full-page photos featuring the collections of DJs, producers, music lovers, and record dealers, as well as 12 detailed interviews, you might just get some insight into what motivates you.

  • Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia

    To gather a lifetime of outdoor knowledge, you can either spend your life outside, or simply soak in the knowledge offered up by the Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia: Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Boating, Wilderness Survival, First Aid. First published in 1972 and longtime outdoors writer Vin T. Sparano, this exhaustive tome is now in its fifth edition — recently updated with new sections on wilderness survival, ATVs, and boating — and offers over 600 pages of know-how, including over 1,300 photos and 1,000 illustrations. Just don't expect to actually take it into the woods with you — at nearly four pounds, you're going to want to leave this one at home.

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