The Unofficial Lego Builder's Guide

The Unofficial Lego Builder's Guide

For anyone that grew up in the last 50 years, Lego bricks were simply a part of youth. One of the most intriguing toys in history, the bricks gave children endless possibilities of what they could create. While we certainly aren't masters by any means, we still have some Lego sets around the Uncrate office, and that's why we were so pumped by The Unofficial Lego Builder's Guide by Allan Bedford ($16). All aspects of Lego building are covered, using principles found in other walks of life — which is actually a good way to solve any problem.

  • Apathy and Other Small Victories

    Apathy and Other Small Victories ($12) is the debut novel of Paul Neilan, an author that we'll be keeping on our watch list. We've been enjoying dark comedy pulp novels lately (such as Company) and Apathy fit right into the groove. We started laughing at page one and the fun didn't stop until about 6 hours later when it was over. The book's narrator gives you a brief look at his life, which includes being a temp at a large insurance company and stealing large numbers of salt shakers on a nightly basis. And it goes downhill from there. If you're offended by anything, you should probably suck down a few shots before digging in. We're not, but we also don't pass up any excuse to get wasted.

  • Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure

    Apartment living can be tough, especially when it comes to subjects like entertaining and decorating. Our friends over at the Apartment Therapy blog have been helping us along with these tasks, and now you can bring some of their wisdom to your coffee table with Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan ($11). The book looks at everything from lighting to removing clutter, and does it with an attitude that actually makes you want to get up off your lazy butt and do something. [via]

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