The Vampire Combat Manual

And you thought zombies were the only undead you'd have to fight. Fresh off his essential guide to fighting zombies, Roger Ma is back with The Vampire Combat Manual ($11). This 320-page guide will walk you through crafting deadly weapons, solo and team-based combat techniques, utilizing UV rays to your advantage, and will even debunk some common myths that could cost you your blood — and your life.

  • The Hemingway Cookbook

    Ernest Hemingway was famous for a lot of things — his love of food and drink among them. The Hemingway Cookbook ($17) offers up over 125 recipes culled from the legendary author's life and works, which are situated alongside family photos, dining passages from his stories, and personal correspondence from the man himself. Guaranteed to be more interesting than the latest cookbook from (insert up-and-coming Food Network star here).

  • Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia

    Bizarre doesn't even begin to cover the strange subculture you'll discover in the pages of the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia ($22). Written by former prisoner and prison attendant Danzig Baldaev, it examines the underground language of tattooing used by the criminal class of Russia using hand-drawn notes, written explanations, and photos by Sergei Vasiliev. It's sure to become a staple of your coffee table collection — and the same could be said for Volumes II and III. [Scouted by Richard]

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