Thor Ice Scraper

What better name for a burly ice scraper than that of a Nordic god-turned-comic hero? The Thor Ice Scraper ($20) drops the hammer on ice and snow with a double-blade design so you can scrape with forward and backward motions, a front handle for added force, a telescoping arm so you can reach all the way across your vehicle with ease, and a front plow for blasting away snow. [Scouted by Bruce]

  • Glowbar

    What's the biggest problem facing home intruders today? Accidentally breaking glass because they can't see what they're doing. The Glowbar ($80) is here to change all of that. Made from high-carbon steel, it features a hyper-phosphorescent coating that should provide more than enough light to ensure you've got it wedged securely between the door and the frame. Just watch out for those McCallister kids — we hear they can be brutal around the holidays.

  • Bash Unbreakable Sledge Hammer

    Nope, this isn't another workout tool. The aptly-named Bash Unbreakable Sledge Hammer ($40-$160) boasts a steel-cored handle that prevents breakage, a high-visibility, drop-forged head that's flat on the end to allow it to stand upright, a textured grip, a safety plate that firmly locks the head in place to eliminate dislodging, an anti-vibration neck, and a lanyard hole on the end to secure the hammer to your wrist — although we can think of a couple of instances (working on a skyscraper and dropping it over the side) when you'd be better to just let it go.

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