To Infinity and Beyond: The Story of Pixar Animation Studios

To Infinity and Beyond: The Story of Pixar Animation Studios

Those of you out there who'd like to know more about the amazing story of Pixar would do well to check out To Infinity and Beyond: The Story of Pixar Animation Studios ($47; pre-order). Primarily written by Karen Paik, this hardbound 320-page tome tells the complete tale of how this offshoot of George Lucas' ILM became one of the most powerful studios in the industry, and eventually part of Disney. Full of great stories, it also includes Forewards from Pixar co-founders John Lasseter and Ed Catmull, as well as Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

  • The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book

    Unfortunately, most Halloween costumes have become a bit stale — that's why we're getting this year's ideas from The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book ($9). Equal parts hilarious and inventive, you'll find plenty of costume ideas, like "Shaving Accident Guy," "Floor of a Movie Theater" and "Batty-Chia Pet," all of which can be made on the cheap with a little work and everyone's favorite grey sticky helper. Along with the costumes, you get ideas for decorating, pranks, and treats, and an excuse to buy more Duct Tape than most folks will ever need.

  • Borat Travel Guide

    Everyone's favorite televiski journalist is back with a new a new hardcover travel book that will show you how to live it up in Kazakhstan. Entitled Borat: Touristic Guidings to Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan ($17), the guide "showcase of all that is great of Kazakhstan–marvel at the statistic of Nurek Dam, make your childrens laugh with our jokes about jews and take a peekings inside brandnew Capitalist Supermall Viktor Hotelier’s Shopcity–3 stores and electrical staircare!!" As a bonus, you also get Borat: Touristic Guidings to Minor Nation of U.S. and A., which includes tips that show foreigners "how to get cage of your wife through airport, and how to gain entry to an American vagine without spend money."

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