Tonke Classic Woodline Camper

Lined inside and out with mahogany, the Tonke Classic Woodline Camper combines classic looks with modern convenience. A Mercedes Sprinter serves as the underpinnings, with an optional unloading system to give you use of the truck when camping. Inside, there's a large marine double-door fridge, a spacious sleeping area, kitchenette, and an area to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. It's also entirely solar powered, with large battery banks and water tanks for extended use off-grid. And while it's built in the Netherlands, it also separates for easy sea container transport, letting you take it pretty much anywhere in the world.

  • Tinger Track ATV

    This isn't your average four-wheeler. With a waterproof body and a track-based propulsion system, the Tinger Track ATV can go places most ATVs can't. Its roughly 20-inch wide tracks have a low ground pressure, letting them slide through mud, snow, and other adverse terrains with ease. When paired with the waterproof HDPE body, this also allows it to cross small streams and other shallow bodies of water. And whether you opt for the 57 or 68hp engine, you'll also be able to pull more than your weight, with a towing capacity of over 1,700 pounds.

  • SEAL Carrier

    It's hard to approach anything in stealth when you're sitting on top of the water. That's why the SEAL Carrier goes under it. Made to deliver six-man teams to hostile locations, this 30-foot vessel relies on a 345 hp diesel engine and a Rolls Royce water jet in surface mode, reaching speeds of up to 30 knots. When it's time to hide, it transitions seamlessly into a submersible, diving up to 50 meters underwater and using battery powered thrusters to cruise along undetected.

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