Toyota Hilux Tonka Concept

Big, off-road trucks are already in many ways toys for adults. The Toyota Hilux Tonka Concept takes this idea literally. Inspired by the Tonka trucks of our youth, it's decked out in a branded black-and-yellow livery, with a 2.8-litre four cylinder turbo-diesel engine under the hood. An increased ride height offers extra ground clearance, and the heavy-duty suspension handles harsh terrain with aplomb. It also has off-road LED lighting, a tubular frame in the bed to hold gear like fuel cans, a fire extinguisher, an ax, and a shovel, and 35-inch tires.

  • Spark SRT05E Formula E Race Car

    The first look at the latest concept from Spark for the FIA's Formula E racing series is nothing short of revolutionary. The Spark SRT05E Formula E Race Car is the company's latest challenge that is slated to be on the track for Formula E's fifth season in 2018. The new model will travel twice the distance of the current electric car which needs to be swapped out only halfway through a race. This much more powerful model features a more aerodynamic design, better efficiency in the drivetrain, and larger battery pack designed to keep it going for the entirety of a race. Spark has taken the past four years of Formula E experience to develop this concept, and we can't wait to see how it performs on the track in 2018.

  • Rain Prisk Off-Road Car Concepts

    No category of cars is consistently as eye-catching as supercars. These Rain Prisk Off-Road Car Concepts take the world's raciest autos and adapt them for off-track use. Expertly rendered and placed in rugged environs, they include offerings from such renowned brands as Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche, modified for their surroundings with raised suspensions, various bars and racks, and all-terrain wheels and tires that look as if they were lifted from a rock climbing Jeep.

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