Traeger Pro Series Grill

16 burgers or 24 hot dogs is a lot of food. The Traeger Pro Series Grill can handle that on its extra rack. It has a digital controller with "Advanced Grilling Logic" that uses an auger to move pellets from the hopper to the firepot as needed to keep the temperature within a +/- 15 degree range, ensuring precision. It has dual probes to keep tabs on your meat's internal temperature, and a convection fan to circulate the smoke from the firepot throughout the cooking chamber, eliminating hotspots and boosting efficiency. The main grilling area can hold as many as 9 racks of ribs, and the sawhorse-style chassis gives you a stable base of operation no matter how much food you're cooking.

  • Relic Portable Brick Oven

    Sure you can cook pizzas in your outdoor grill but you won't get that perfectly charred crust without an authentic brick oven. Crafted from layered heat-proof composite stone, the Relic Portable Brick Oven is composed of three interlocking pieces, giving you the mobility lacking in traditional brick and mortar ovens. Multiple high-temperature cores paired with a custom chimney design ensure you reach and maintain the perfect pizza-baking temp. Two different bases give you the freedom to bake on tailgates, picnic tables, your Weber grill, or wherever Neapolitan-style pies are needed.

  • M1 Grill

    Handcrafted in Texas out of thick 10 gauge steel, the sleek design of the M1 Grill betrays its meat-cooking prowess. It has a crank on the outside for moving the fire up and down, letting you get a good sear on foods like steaks while keeping chickens and hams from burning. You can keep an eye on the temperature with the Tel-Tru stainless steel thermometer, which comes in especially handy when taking advantage of the bottom-mounted, double wall-insulated firebox that has its own dedicated door, a slide out basket, and a fully welded baffle for indirect smoking. The grates are made from 1/4" thick stainless steel, and give you 481 square inches of grilling surface, which can be expanded by 328 more with the use of the secondary smoke rack — enough room to smoke three full-sized briskets at once. The industrial thermal paint that is baked on for a lasting finish, and should anything ever break, it's covered by a lifetime warranty.

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