Tree Surgeon Golf Club

Tree Surgeon Golf Club

Designed for those of us who spend most of our golf outings in the trees and heavy rough, the Tree Surgeon ($43) combines a putter with an ax. Nothing will be unplayable when you have this weapon in your bag.

  • Prince O3 SpeedPort

    Getting your ass beat by your kid's tennis instructor at the club? You probably need a little more speed, control and power from your weapon of choice. Best for beginning to intermediate players, the Prince O3 SpeedPort ($250) has the biggest sweetspot in the Prince racquet line, along with an aerodynamic design with oversized string holes that minimize air resistance and increase swing speed. Take that, pretty boy.

  • Callaway FT-i Driver

    Dubbed "The World's Straightest Driver" by the company, the Callaway FT-i Driver ($500) features several new technologies, such as a 460cc Complete Inertial Design that places discretionary weight to the extreme corners of the clubhead for more forgiveness, the OptiFit Weighting System in either Draw, Neutral, or Fade to help better match your natural swing, and a CT/VFT Titanium Cup Face, Calloway's largest, most robust club face. Now repeat after us: No more slices, no more slices...

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