Truma Propane Levelcheck

Whether you sell propane and propane accessories, or just prefer to taste the meat and not the heat, you'll want to grab a Truma Propane Levelcheck ($90). This handy little device uses ultrasound to check the level of the liquid gas left in your cylinder. The LED turns green if it senses liquid, and red if it senses none, so you can tell at a glance when it's time to refill. That means less time spent knocking on and shaking your propane tank, and more time spent on extracurricular activities, like enjoying a nice cold can of Alamo out back with the guys.

  • Klein BBQ Tool Set

    Ever wish your grilling tools could be just as rugged and reliable as your real tools? They can be with the Klein BBQ Tool Set. Crafted from rust-resistant stainless steel, the set includes both a 17" spatula and a long fork, both of which feature the same cushion-grip handles as the company's normal tools. In addition, both tools feature a Tip-Ident on the end of the handle that helps make them easy to identify in a crowded drawer. Matching bottle opener sold separately.

  • BBQ Dragon

    We all know the deal — gas grills get going instantly, while charcoal imparts more flavor but can take a while to warm up. Or at least it used to. The BBQ Dragon ($50) is a new grilling gadget that starts charcoal faster than a traditional chimney by blowing large amounts of low-velocity air at the fire. Capable of starting a charcoal grill in just 10 minutes — without the need for lighter fluid — it also works great for campfires, fireplaces, wood stoves, and smokers, all while giving you more precise control over the temperature. Expected to arrive in August, or just in time for Labor Day cookouts.

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