Tuned Pale Ale

It's little secret that most people enjoy music when they're drinking, but what about making music with their drinks? Tuned Pale Ale ($TBA) is an ingenious microbrew that features a vertical note scale on the edge of the label — just drink down to your desired note, and blow on the top. In addition to having up to six "blow" notes, the backs of the bottles sport ridges for Latin-style percussion, and the box flips upside-down to reveal a tongue drum that produces six different tones, one for each of the bottle slots. It's like Rock Band, only a lot cheaper, and with a much higher alcohol content.

  • Snap

    Fresh off the success of Root, its organic, alcoholic root tea, Art in the Age is back with another organic alcoholic treat. Snap ($33) is an 80 proof, 100% organic spirit inspired by authentic ginger snaps made with blackstrap molasses and fresh ginger, featuring flavors of both ingredients, with a hint of butter. Serve it straight, with a splash soda, or mixed with a good bourbon for a cold weather pick-me-up.

  • The End of History Beer

    And what a fitting name it is. The End of History Beer ($650-$900) is an ultra-limited — as in, it might already be sold out — 55% alcohol blond Belgian ale, brewed using crazy freezing techniques, and featuring hints of juniper berries, mead, and nettles. Of course, being the world's strongest and most expensive beer wasn't enough for these restless brewmasters, so they took things one step further, and packaged the beer inside taxidermied roadkill, creating the end game of premium beer. Seriously, just look at it.

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