Tyche T1 Golf Training Tool

The worst four-letter word you can utter on a golf course isn't even a curse word: it's "yips." These involuntary tremors and spasms just before impact can destroy your putting stroke seemingly overnight. The Tyche T1 Golf Training Tool is designed to defeat them. It consists of a base unit, shaft-mounted sensor, and virtual coaching app, all of which work together to help you regain your stroke. The base unit lets you perform various exercises to regain lost feeling, unlearn bad behaviors, and build back your confidence. All the while it's analyzing data from both the club sensor and an optoelectronic sensor in the base to figure out just what you need to get your game back.

  • Blossom x Pirelli Rubber-Infused Skis

    The result of a collaboration between the high-end ski maker and tire manufacturer, Blossom x Pirelli Rubber-Infused Skis promise reduced vibrations and thus improved performance. Pirelli engineers, working alongside Blossom craftspeople at their Val Chiavenna workshops, worked to incorporate a layer of rubber alongside the various materials used in the skis' sandwich construction. The result is up to a 60 percent reduction in vibrations from the piste to the ski, leading to faster times and a more comfortable ride down the slope. Available in seven colors and limited to just 110 pairs each, one for every year Pirelli Motorsport has been in operation.

  • Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder

    Bushnell's slope technology is great for getting a more accurate read on how far you need to hit the ball. Unfortunately, it's not always legal for tournament play. The Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder makes it easy to swap between compensated and standard measurements with a side-mounted switch. It also has faster acquisition, Jolt technology that vibrates to let you know you're locked onto the pin, 6x magnification, and readings down to a tenth of a yard, or so close you have no one but yourself to blame for not hitting it pin-high.

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