Ubco 2x2 Utility Bike

Whether it's for work or play, the Ubco 2x2 Utility Bike is equipped to take on whatever it encounters. The all wheel drive, electric motorbike features a lightweight structure combined with fantastic handling and excellent performance in all conditions. That combination, paired with the ability to haul over 400 pounds of weight, makes this electric bike a best in an off-road setting. The dual electric drives keep it smooth and quiet, while the built in Lithium-ion battery can go for as far as 62 miles on a single charge, and provide power outlets to charge your mobile devices or power tools while you ride or park.

  • Keim Arvak Bicycle

    Named for the mythological horse who pulls the sun across the sky, the Keim Arvak Bicycle isn't really practical for moving celestial bodies. But it is ideal for moving you around the cityscape in style. The the monocoque frame is made from dozens of layers of white ash, laminated with a bio-based epoxy resin for added strength and weather-resistance. Other elements, such as the handlebars, seat, front fork, gear, and wheels are clad in black, making the bike at once both eye-catching and subdued. Designed and built in Savonnières, France.

  • Silver Fast Superyacht

    The Silver Fast Superyacht would be interesting for its design alone, which incorporates a helipad, a glass-fronted jacuzzi, an indoor/outdoor dining area with sliding glass panels, and a full-on spa in a sleek profile. But it didn't get it's name for those reasons — it also happens to be the largest, fastest aluminium motor yacht ever built with conventional propulsion, with a top speed of 27 knots and a cruising speed of 22. It's also unusually shallow, letting it access waters many similarly-equipped yachts can't reach, offers accommodations for up to 18 guests spread across eight cabins, and has two 25-foot custom tenders hidden in the front under gullwing doors.

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