Unfinished Electric Guitar Kits

If you've ever dreamed of owning a custom guitar but haven't had the dough for the real thing, these Unfinished Electric Guitar Kits ($125-$300) should be right up your alley. They're based on classic guitar designs like the Les Paul, Stratocaster, and Flying V, and include the body, neck, fingerboard with frets, pickups, tuning parts, bridge, pick guard, and hardware to build a right-handed guitar — all you need are some common tools, glue, finishing supplies, and time.

  • Evanta 1959 Aston Martin 1:1 Scale Model

    You might want to try re-reading that. Indeed, the Evanta 1959 Aston Martin 1:1 Scale Model (TBA; Auction) is just as big as the original, arriving on a parts tree that measures just over 20' x 11'. Included in this insane kit are four Aston Martin wire wheels with Dunlop race tires, a "Mota Lita" 15" wood-rimmed Aston Martin steering wheel, a pair of race seats, an aluminum gear knob and lever, a full dashboard, a replica of the LeMans trophy, and an Aston Martin cap signed by Roy Salvadori and Carroll Shelby, who drove the original to victory at the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans.

  • MakerBot Mixtape

    Among the many casualties of the digital music revolution was the mixtape — although a custom CD could come close, it didn't carry the same "I worked on this for hours" weight as the venerable cassette. While it still won't carry quite the same weight, the MakerBot Mixtape ($25-$39) tries its hardest to revive some of that lost aura. Available in versions for those with MakerBots and those without, it offers 2GB of memory, the ability to playback MP3 files, a standard headphone jack, a four-hour battery life, an included USB cable for loading it up, and three buttons which offer a total of five functions: play/pause, skip forward, skip backward, equalizer, and reset. Although if it really wanted to be like a cassette, it would just play the songs in order, with an annoying "switching sides" sound in the middle of the playlist.

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