Unseen Art

The Sistine Chapel ceiling. The Mona Lisa. Guernica. Those of us capable of sight take these masterpieces for granted. Unseen Art aims to let the visually impaired experience these works for the very first time. The project involves contributors from all over the world recreating classic artworks in 3D, so that they may be printed out and felt by the sightless, giving people of all ages the chance to experience them for the very first time.

  • Andy Spade's Treasures

    Following his distinct, individual tastes, Andy Spade has amassed a curious collection of objects in his lifetime. Now some of them can be yours. Andy Spade's Treasures is a curated assortment of artwork, trinkets, and other ephemera from the Jack Spade founder's stash, offered for sale simply because he didn't want it to go into storage. Included in the auction is everything from a snowman kit and a life-sized stuffed giraffe to a series of Hugo Guinness prints depicting various creatures humping, a Chuck Close photograph, and even original artwork by Mr. Spade himself. The starting bids are similarly scattershot, making this a rare celebrity auction where you don't need to break the bank to bring home something worthwhile.

  • Walter Iooss Sonic Editions Prints

    One of the most prolific, well-respected sports photographers of all time, the work of Walter Iooss Jr. has graced the pages of Sports Illustrated for more than five decades. These Walter Iooss Sonic Editions Prints give you a chance to put some his most iconic images on the walls of your own home. Included in the collection are both color and black and white photos of legendary athletes like Michael Jordan, Bjorn Borg, Jack Nicklaus, and Muhammad Ali, printed at 11x14, framed at 16x20, limited to 100 each, and ready for display.

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