Viking C4 Outdoor Cooker

Move the professional quality of Viking from the kitchen to the back yard with the Viking C4 Outdoor Cooker ($3,225). This high-end outdoor charcoal grill sports a ceramic interior for maximum heat retention, a precise thermometer, top and bottom dampers for heat control, a removable porcelain grate, and 18-gauge stainless steel construction. Available with a 30-inch-wide cart with fold-down side shelves (The Android), a 41-inch-wide cart with fold down side shelves and two 15,000 BTU side burners (The Iron Giant), or a 20-inch wide mini-cart with wheels (The R2-D2). *Nicknames not official. [Thanks, Thomas]

  • Fuego Element Grill

    For everyone that was crazy about the hyper-modern Fuego 01 Grill but didn't feel like dropping the cash, the company is back with the more affordable, smaller Fuego Element Grill ($500). This 21-inch square pedestal grill features a dual-zone burner system with 24,000 BTUs of total power, an electronic ignition system with a single control knob and stainless steel burner tubes, a cast iron grate, a roasting lid for slow cooking, a swing-out wooden prep tray, hidden propane storage, side handles for hanging tools, rolling casters, and sleek looks that will go great with a modern outdoor furniture setup.

  • Bodum Fyrkat Portable Grill

    Think the style of your grill is as important as the taste of the meals it makes? Then the Bodum Fyrkat Portable Grill ($50) should be right up your alley. Available in a host of bright colors like orange, green, yellow, and blue, its unusual looks will draw you in as quickly as the smells emanating from within, while the grillmaster keeps things under control with the matching grill tools.

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