Vinyl Me, Please

Depending on your age, you might not remember the days of record clubs, where you'd get a different album every month in the mail. Vinyl Me, Please is like that, only immeasurably better. Dedicated to the album as an art form, they hand-select each month's release, working with the artists and labels to get special-edition pressings made exclusively for their members. Their selections span multiple genres and eras, and arrive with an original 12 x 12 art print and custom cocktail recipe. Vinyl Me, Please also has a gift program allowing you to get that music lover in your life music monthly and 1-3 free bonus records to deliver with the subscription.

Presented by Vinyl Me, Please.

  • Exosuit

    Like a spacesuit meant for use under the sea, the Exosuit gives you the ability to explore the water while maintaining your dexterity. It has an onboard atmospheric system that maintains the same pressure as the surface all the way down to its maximum operating depth of 1,000 feet. It's made from a strong aluminum alloy, using a unique rotary joint that allows it to bend, has up to eight thrusters for propulsion, dual redundant oxygen systems with a 50 hour today capacity.

  • Shift Bitcoin Debit Card

    Maybe you didn't see it coming, but Bitcoin is accepted at over 38 million merchants worldwide. This makes the Shift Bitcoin Debit Card essential, giving you the ability to connect your existing accounts and spend everywhere VISA is accepted. Use the Shift app to keep up with account balances and purchases, and make your Bitcoin currency as easy to spend as dollars and cents.

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