Voxan Wattman Motorcycle

While billed as the world's most-powerful all-electric bike, the Voxan Wattman Motorcycle ($TBA) may also just be the world's ugliest. Wrapped in a light-weight aluminum exoskeleton chassis that houses all of its drivetrain components, this bike would likely be more comfortable on the set of a Tron sequel than an actual motorway. What's really impressive about this bike is a little harder to see at first glance: the 200 horsepower electric engine makes it easily the most powerful EV on two wheels, propelling it to 100mph in just under six seconds, while still retaining the ability to recharge in less than 30 minutes.

  • Caterham Brutus 750 Motorcycle

    From the same guys who brought us some of the most fun track-day cars in recent memory, comes their first entry into the two-wheeled market, the Caterham Brutus 750 Motorcycle ($TBA). This bike, which they are describing as the "SUV of motorcycles" is meant to function equally well as a sport street bike, an off-road machine, and — with a few hours spent turning wrenches — a snowmobile. While relatively scant details have been released about the motor, it does promise nimble handling and an automatic transmission.

  • Bandit9 Nero MKII Motorcycle

    One of the most attractive parts of riding a motorcycle is standing out from the pack of minivans, subcompacts, and SUVs that dominate the roads — you want to look original, different, independent. And you'd be hard-pressed to find anything on two wheels that looks as distinct as the Bandit9 Nero MKII Motorcycle ($TBA). This completely custom ride is one of just nine models available, and looks so unique most people won't even understand what they're seeing. With a custom gas tank, rear cowl, handlebars, fork, and foot pegs, as well as the curved dual exhausts, exposed suspension, and completely matte black paint job, you're definitely bound to turn a few heads (and get a few jealous stares).

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