Wally One Boat

It's not exactly cheap, but the Wally One Boat (€580,000; roughly $840,000) is likely the most affordable in the company's line of legendary sea cruisers. A replacement for the company's prior Wally Tender, the One is designed to be the ultimate day boat, offering a small kitchen area, a sleeping area for two — three if you're adventurous — a 43-foot length, Yanmar 370hp engines, and a top speed of 40-50 Knots.

  • ICON 100 A5

    So it's a little behind schedule — it was originally set to debut in 2010 — but it looks like the first few ICON A5s will be taking flight late next year as the ICON 100 A5 ($140,000). This limited-edition run of Light Sport Aircraft will feature a custom pearl white, satin finish exterior, with metallic, high-gloss accents in red, black, and metallic silver, but will otherwise retain all the features of the standard A5, including retractable landing gear for flying off land and water, a carbon fiber airframe, a 100-hp/120-mph Rotax 912 ULS engine (that runs on both auto and aviation gas), and folding wings.

  • OSSA TR 280i Trial Bike

    No, not "trail" — it's "trial." The OSSA TR 280i Trial Bike ($TBA) was built from the ground up for the rigors of trial riding, and as such features unique part placements such as a filter box and electronic injection system placed at the top and a compact two-stroke engine in the center bottom, as well as a six-speed gearbox, front and rear disc brakes, and a Marzocchi upside-down adjustable fork.

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