Water Walking Ball

Water Walking Ball

Perform your own Wayne Coyne-like stunts or just live out your own messianic daydreams inside the Water Walking Ball ($500). Made from TPU, this ultra-clear ball keeps you in and the water out using a waterproof, air-tight zipper, giving you peace of mind that you're sure to suffocate and die should you fall asleep inside and drift out to sea.

  • LED Bocce Ball Set

    Ever had your garden party ruined because there wasn't enough light to complete your highly competitive bocce game? Bet you wish you'd had the LED Bocce Ball Set ($100). It includes the traditional white pallino with a white LED, four pairs of regulation-sized, two-thirds weight balls — one each of red, blue, yellow, and green — sets of lighted and flashing LEDs, three sets of batteries for each ball, a measuring string for scoring, and a nylon carrying case. Just don't try using it in Malibu.

  • Storm Kettle

    With a unique hollow design that allows it to boil water in just minutes, the Storm Kettle ($100) is a must-bring on your next camping or hiking adventure. Made from double-skinned aluminum, the kettle surrounds your fire, letting it breathe through side and top vents, the latter of which can be used to add more burnable fuel to the flames. It can boil 40 oz. of water in just three minutes, but it can't make that instant coffee taste any better.

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