If you've been thinking about cutting back on your electric usage to help save money (and the environment), then you'll want to check out Wattson (£100; ~$180). This wireless gadget uses a sensor chip and transmitter attached to your main electric cables to monitor your usage, with the main unit glowing blue when your use is below normal, purple when usage is normal, and red when you're using more than usual — which is normally too much. Plus, the main display shows in watts or in currency how much electricity you're using, giving you immediate feedback, and even more motivation to conserve.

  • Draganflyer X6

    Designed for aerial photography and video, the Draganflyer X6 ($TBA) lets you run your recon missions in style. Its anti-vibration camera mount can hold digital cameras, HD video cams, and more, offering 90 degrees of remote controlled tilt, while GPS technology allows the copter to hold in place without any help from you. The controller offers complete control of the X6 via a variety of tactile controls and a 2.8-inch OLED touch screen. Perhaps best of all, the X6 will auto-detect a lost radio link, auto-descending and landing itself, ensuring that you won't be crashing your new toy on day one. [via]

  • Dry Water Jet Massager

    Get a shiatsu-style massage from the comfort of your own home with the Dry Water Jet Massager ($29,500). This unit uses 28 nozzles to deliver streams of water that replicate a real massage, using a pliable polymer sheet to keep you dry. Features include adjustable water temperature, pressure, and pulse intervals, a built-in 7-inch LCD with DVD player, included Bose headphones, and an integrated aroma diffuser. Happy ending option unfortunately not available.

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