Weber's On the Grill for iPad

Weber's On the Grill for iPad

You've got the grill, the tools, the meat, and the rubs, but a measly five bucks and your iPad might get you the best grill companion you'll have all summer. Weber's On the Grill for iPad ($5; iPhone version also available) is a virtual grill companion app, offering a searchable database of over 250 classic recipes, instructions on making 40 rubs, marinades, and sauces, a grocery list, how-to videos, an integrated grill timer, and the ability to note each recipe when you find that "secret ingredient" that makes your BBQ stand out from the rest. (Hint: most often it's booze.)

  • Alice for iPad

    We're not ready to call it the coolest iPad app we've seen yet, but Alice for iPad ($9) is the best illustration yet of the iPad's advantages over the Kindle when it comes to breakthrough reading experiences. Featuring every illustration from the original Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, these restored, full color images come to life thanks to a realistic physics engine and the ability to interact with the illustrations using the accelerometer and touchscreen. Sure as hell beats the Teddy Ruxpin we had when we were kids.

  • Game Table

    Ah, the iPad. We're expecting it to replace magazines, books, our laptops — at least some of the time — and... board games? Yup, Game Table ($1) aims to do exactly that, offering realistic checkers, chess, and card games. All the action is controlled by you and a friend with intuitive touch controls, while the physics engine sucks you in like a Michael Bay explosion. If six games simply isn't enough for you, check out BoardBox ($4), which packs 15 games into its virtual package.

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