Wenger Fidis Camping Lighter

When you find yourself in a situation where you don't just want to start a fire — you literally need to — you want the most rugged, dependable lighter available. One like the Wenger Fidis Camping Lighter ($80). This tank-like fire maker operates using traditional flints, wicks, and lighter fluid, and conveniently houses a compartment for extra flints as well as a separately sealed reserve lighter fluid reservoir inside its roughly three-inch-tall body. [via]

  • Titanium Kung Foon Spork

    Call it a "foon" all you want — our years of Taco Bell experience tell us that the appropriate name for this utensil is "spork". The Titanium Kung Foon Spork ($17) just happens to be as useful on the trail as it is when scarfing down unhealthy Tex-Mex food stuffs, with a pair of chopsticks hiding in the handle, barbed tines, a deep bowl, and even a custom carrying tin.

  • Strike

    Whether you're planning a trip to the outback or simply want to class up your pyro habit, the Strike ($TBA) has you covered. Designed to replace a traditional matchbook, the Strike holds a number of matches inside, and sports a top dial that twists open to let them out one at a time. Inside, a strike material-coated barrel lets you light the match as you remove it, and should you simply need a striking surface, you'll find one on the textured bottom.

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