William Shakespeare's Star Wars

Every geek worth even half his salt knows George Lucas penned Star Wars. But what if it was actually written hundreds of years ago by The Bard himself? It'd likely read a lot like William Shakespeare's Star Wars. Ian Doescher has reimagined A New Hope in full iambic pentameter glory, and adorned it with 20 detailed Elizabethan-style illustrations. It's certainly not as easy as just watching the film, but odds are you've already seen it several hundred times, anyway.

  • Star Wars: Frames

    If you're a true Star Wars fan, you can probably close your eyes and picture some of the series' most iconic moments: Han Solo as he's lowered into the carbon freezing chamber, or the bittersweet look of redemption on the face of Anakin Skywalker as Luke removes his mask. Star Wars: Frames ($90) is a celebration of 1,416 moments like these, hand-picked by George Lucas from over one million frames of film, and reproduced across two hardcover volumes — one for the original trilogy and one for the prequel trilogy. Each set arrives in a box designed to resemble Vader's Tie Fighter and opens to reveal images of the Sith Lord himself.

  • Iconic

    Whether you're a completely-obsessed Apple fanboy, or just an industrial or packaging designer looking for inspiration, Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation ($75 or $300) is the coffee table book for you. Filled from cover to cover with carefully-shot photos documenting the evolution of Apple products from the Apple II to the iMac, this book details Apple's rise from a two-man company in a Silicon Valley garage to one of the top producers of consumer electronics in the world. See full-color photos of desktops, portables, iPhones, iPods, prototypes, and packaging, accompanied by introductions and quotes from Apple insiders. If you're really wild about Apple, opt for the special edition which comes in a specially-made retro peripheral case celebrating computing products from the late 70s and early 80s.

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