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As if preserving your favorite memories on a wood canvas isn't already special enough, Woodsnap is upping their Valentine's Day game by offering heart-shaped and personalized pieces for the upcoming holiday. The Irvine-based company takes your image and prints it directly on premium baltic birch, infusing the ink into the wood for a more vibrant photo. Each piece is hand-crafted in-house, comes with everything you need to hang, and is back by a 100% love guarantee, but the real perk is that with every purchase made a new Redwood is put back into the world.

Presented by Woodsnap.

  • Stellavie Director Portrait Prints

    Every great film is a time-consuming, painstaking work of art. Celebrate them appropriately with Stellavie Director Portrait Prints. These giclée fine art pieces measure roughly 16" x 20" and are printed on textured, acid-free cotton paper. Developed in collaboration with artist Julian Rentzsch, each one combines the visage of a famous director — Nolan, Coppola, Spielberg, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Scorsese, Lynch, Burton, or Tarantino — with elements from their iconic films and a personal quote that briefly sums up their signature style. Limited to 200 prints per edition, signed and numbered by the artist, they're a perfect upgrade over traditional movie posters.

    Presented by Stellavie.

  • Neon Mfg. Signs

    Typically, having some neon in your house involves an alcohol-themed light more suited to a bar or corner store than a residence. Neon Mfg. Signs elevate the art of lit-up gas beyond the promotion of vices. Handmade by experienced craftsmen, they're available in both desktop and wall-mount form, with designs that range from flying pigs and palm trees to personal slogans and even a comic book-style "POW!" Each comes mounted to a piece of high-quality acrylic and is connected to a UL certified transformer.

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