Worx Switchdriver

Even the most novice DIY'er knows the hassle of switching back and forth between a drill bit and a driver. The Worx Switchdriver makes the process easier than ever. It has a rotating head with two 1/4 inch chucks — one for your bit, and one for your driver. Since neither bit has to be removed, you can drill a hole, rotate the head, and sink the screw in a single step. Its 20V lithium battery provides roughly two hours of use per charge, and the integrated LED light lets you work anytime, day or night.

  • DeWalt 20V MAX Handheld LED Light

    Not every jobsite has ample lighting. Make sure you can get your task done with the DeWalt 20V MAX Handheld LED Light. This compact tool runs for up to 11 hours using the same 20V MAX 2.0Ah Lithium Ion battery as the company's drills, drivers, and saws, and outputs a consistent 160 lumens from the time you turn it on until it runs out of juice. It also has a pivoting head so you can aim it directly on your work area, and thanks to a kickstand, beltclip, and integrated magnets, it's easy to mount no matter what the situation.

  • Brunton Axis Pocket Transit

    Unless you're a geologist, odds are you won't have a serious need for the Brunton Axis Pocket Transit — but that doesn't mean you won't want it. With a rare earth magnet mounted on a sapphire jewel suspension, the built-in compass is no joke, and would be handy for any outdoorsman. But its the dual 360-degree axis, hollow hinge design that makes it useful for scientists, letting them accurately measure planes, lines, and vertical angles with ease. It also packs an on-board level, a needle locking mechanism, a hollow sighting tube, and has a waterproof, rugged anodized aluminum build.

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