Zemgear 360 Ninja Split-Toe Running Shoes

They're definitely not the best looking shoes around, but if your goal is to get as close as possible to a barefoot running experience, the Zemgear 360 Ninja Split-Toe Running Shoes ($50-$60) are a step in the right direction. Features include a split-toe design, phylon outsole, tech bands in the upper for greater stability, a round-toe pattern for increased flex, and Gecko-Grip rubber pods for traction. Overall, they weigh just 2.5 ounces, or just slightly more than some socks.

  • Swims Loafer

    Flip-flops just a little too casual for your beach or boating attire requirements? Check out the Swims Loafer ($TBA). This ingenious waterproof shoe is made from durable Swims rubber, and features anti-bacterial mesh lining, an outsole made from natural rubber for terrific grip, "gills" around the shoe base to let water out and air in, an EVA footbed for comfort, and color-matching laces to finish off the upscale effect. [Scouted by Christian]

  • NikeCraft Tom Sachs Mars Yard Shoe

    No, they're not the best-looking sneakers we've seen — but they're not supposed to be. Inspired by NASA's exploration of Mars, the NikeCraft Tom Sachs Mars Yard Shoe ($385) is designed to handle the rugged terrain of the space agency's simulated Mars Yard in Pasadena, and does so with outsoles taken from Nike's special forces boot, vulcan fabric from the Mars Excursion Rover's airbags, and detailing from the Apollo Lunar Overshoes. So whether you're simulating a trip to space or simply spaced out, they have you covered. [Scouted by Ryan]

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